How to find Remote Jobs in Nigeria 2023

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Employers have been expecting their employees to work from home for them. If you look at Forbes statistics, you will know that 68% of workers in the United States are of the opinion that they would like to work from home down the road. Almost all companies want their employees to work from home when they cannot come to office due to some illness. And as we all know the Impact of COVID-19 has made working remotely a necessity. In this article, we are going to find out how you can find remote jobs.


Whether you want to travel on a regular basis or you just don’t want to get up at the same time and head to the office, working from home can be an ideal solution for you. Let’s get to the point.


Where Can you look for a Remote Job?

In the beginning, it can be quite intimidating for you to leave your 9 to 5 job and look for jobs on the internet. The good thing is that looking for remote jobs is easier than you think. Given below are a couple of platforms that can meet your needs.

  1. FlexJobs

If you are looking to work part-time as a freelancer, you may want to check out this platform. On this job board, there are more than 30000 postings from more than 4000 companies.


This platform is founded by the founder of FlexJobs. With this platform, companies train, hire and manage their freelance employees. You can check out their blog and job listings.

  1. Remote OK

This platform offers remote job listings on a regular basis.  Apart from this, when a new job was posted in your desired category, they will also send you email updates.

  1. The Muse

The Muse can be an ideal choice if you are looking for a guidance destination and a career finder. It offers on-site and offsite remote job opportunities for aspiring freelancers. All you need to do is look for your desired jobs by choosing a location or typing relevant keywords.

  1. Upwork

Upwork is a community for both job providers and job seekers. On this platform, companies publish job posts and choose from a list of applicants to get their work done. Upwork charges a commission against each payment the client makes. The good thing is that getting hired and getting paid is quite easy on this platform.

  1. Indeed

On this job board, you can type remote in the search field to look for a remote position. Apart from this, you can upload your resume in order to attract the attention of prospective remote employees.

  1. Search Directly on Google

Another way yiu can find remote jobs is by searching directly on google. Thanks to google structured data remote jobs are now displayed witha a label indicating it is a work from home job. That way users can differentiate between a remote job and a normal job.

  1. We post Remote Jobs

With this online platform, you can find jobs specifically in Nigeria. Plus, the good thing is that this job board is updated on a regular basis. All you need to do is search by job or title in order to look for a career that you can pursue.


Long story short, you can try out any of these 7 platforms if you are looking to find remote jobs to work from the comfort of your home.


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