How to write a good email

Communicating well at work is essential for making a good impression on colleagues, managers, and most importantly, clients. Keep in mind the following tips:

  1. Don’t launch straight into the body of the email, unless you’ve been mailing back and forth very quickly. Rather address the individual. If you’re emailing a client or a superior who you have not spoken to in person, address them formally, eg.; ‘dear sir’ or ‘good morning Ms. Smith’. If not, you can start with ‘Dear Jane’ or ‘Hello Tom’ if you have had several conversations and you are on friendly terms.
  2. Use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation ALWAYS. If this is not an area of strength – use spell check!
  3. Avoid the use of the ellipses (three full stops in a row).
  4. Use paragraphs or bullet points to make reading easier.
  5. Get to the point, while still being polite. Make sure anything you want the recipient to action is in the first paragraph.
  6. Remember that tone is hard to convey in writing: be friendly.
  7. Use your judgment when it comes to smiley faces and other emoticons – it is not usually professional.
  8. End off your mail formally when necessary (eg. “kind regards, John Smith”) or in a friendly manner (eg. “Thanks! John”).
  9. If you have time, read through before you hit send!

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