Flight Attendant

Job Expired

Job Title: Flight Attendant 

Location: Ikeja, Lagos


Job Description

We are looking for a suitable flight Attendant.

Job Functions/Responsibilities

  • Flight Attendant
  • Demonstrating the use of emergency and safety equipment
  • Serving beverages, meals and snacks
  • Providing additional assistance to passengers with special needs
  • Reassuring passengers during aircraft turbulence
  • Administering first aid and medical care if required in the case of an emergency
  • Providing instruction, including emergency evacuation procedures, to passengers


  • Attentiveness: In addition to being attentive to passenger needs, a Flight Attendant needs to be aware of any safety or security risks during the flight.
  • Communication skills: A Flight Attendant needs to be an excellent communicator and an attentive listener.
  • Customer-service skills: A Flight Attendant needs to be able to handle stressful situations with tact and resourcefulness.
  • Decision-making skills: A Flight Attendant must be able to make important decisions quickly in case of emergencies.
  • Physical stamina: A Flight Attendant needs to be able to carry, push and pull service items, open and close overhead bins and walk and stand for significant periods of time.

How To Apply

Applicants should send their CV to mail@oceantideglobal.com.ng

More Information

  • This job has expired!
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