Marshal Papworth Scholarships in Agriculture 2020/2021 for Developing Countries

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About Scholarship

Marshal Papworth provides scholarships for students from developing countries for 1-year Masters degree programmes in agriculture or horticulture as well as the Marshal Papworth 10-week short course at participating UK universities.


Host Institution(s): The participating UK universities and colleges for the Masters scholarships are:


• Aberystwyth University
• Cranfield University
• Bangor University
• Royal Agricultural College
• Harper Adams University (Marshal Papworth 10-week Short Course is also offered here)
• The University of Reading and
• Writtle University College.


Level/Field(s) of study: Masters degree courses  that are eligible for the scholarships are:


• MSc Development and Project Planning
• MSc International Development
• MSc Project Planning and Management
• MSc Land Reclamation and Restoration
• MSc Integrated Landscape Ecology
• MSc Environmental Water Management
• MSc Water and Sanitation for Development
• MSc Conservation Management
• MSc Crop Production (Horticulture)
• MSc Crop Production (Agriculture)
• MSc Post Harvest Technology
• MSc Livestock Production Science
• MSc Environment and Development
• MA Development Economics
• MA Agriculture and Rural Development
• MSc Water Security and International Development
• MSc Environment and Development
• MSc Applied Development Studies
• MSc Communication and Development
• MSc Food Security and Development
• MSc Agroforestry
• MSc Environmental Forestry
• MSc Conservation & Land Management
• MA Social Development and Sustainable Livelihoods
• MSc Integrated Pest Management
• MSc Agricultural Sciences and Production Systems and
• MSc Entomology.


The Marshal Papworth 10-week short course at Harper Adams University will lead to a BTEC Certificate in Agriculture.


Number of Scholarships: 15 Masters scholarships and 22 short course scholarships over 2 years

Target group: Students from developing countries.

Scholarship value

The scholarship for the 10-week short course at Harper Adams University, comprises coverage for the 240 hours of tuition including 10 hours of IT tuition, which are paid directly to the university; visa assistance; flights to and from the UK and transport to and from Heathrow airport; accommodation which is provided on-site at Shuttleworth College in the Halls of Residence; meals in the college’s garden restaurant; an allowance to cover food costs for self-catering at weekends; and a schedule of cultural visits.


The scholarship for the Masters programmes covers the tuition fees and provides for living expenses. The scholarship is for a 1-year postgraduate course, which on average is worth £19,000 per student. See the Official Website for scholarship awards by university.


Applicants should be nationals of and resident in developing countries (countries with a GNI per capita below US$11500), and scholarship candidates who fully meet the criteria for the courses will be shortlisted for the scholarships against 3 main criteria: academic excellence, professional experience (includes experience gained in a voluntary capacity) in community development and/or agricultural development, and the potential for contribution to development in their home country after completion of their degree programme.


Applicants should be talented individuals who demonstrate that they have the potential, at the end of their Masters programme, to motivate people and communities in their home country towards positive change. Applicants must have a good command of the English Language.

Application instructions

Candidates for the Masters scholarships cannot apply directly to the Marshal Papworth Fund for the Masters programme. Rather, they have to apply directly to the participating universities. Once accepted into a course the university/college will select candidates they believe are eligible for a Marshal Papworth Scholarship and will forward the students application and CV onto the Marshal Papworth Fund directly for consideration. Applications for scholarships must be received from partnering universities/colleges no later than the end of the second week of April 2020, or the last day before the Easter break, whichever is the former.


To apply for the 10-week course at Harper Adams University starting in May, you must make an application through accredited organizations found at this link before their deadline.


Visit the official website (link found below) for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship.

Application Deadline

Early April 2020 (annual)


Official Scholarship Website:

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