Update on ICPC Recruitment 2020: 220 out of 376,631 Applicants to be considered

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The Independent Corrupt Practices and other related offences Commission (ICPC) said it received 376,631 online applications for its 2020 recruitment as of the time of close of entry on January 30, 2020.


It said the 376,631 applicants would be competing to fill the existing 220 job vacancies in the agency. The commission stated this in an update on the exercise which was posted on its Twitter handle, @icpc_pe.


The commission said only applicants with specialised skills would be considered for appointment. It also said that it would not consider applications submitted for the positions of Assistant Directors due to lack of funds.


The statement read,

“Following the expiration of the deadline for submission of online applications for recruitment into the Independent Corrupt Practices and other related offences Commission, applicants and the general public should note the following:


“That a total of 376,631 applications were received by 11.59pm of January 30, 2020 to fill 220 available positions that are supported by budgetary allocation;


“That only applicants with specialised skills and required disciplines as listed here will be considered. They include: Accountancy, Law, Economics, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Computer Forensic, Computer Science, Statistics/Mathematics, Mass Communications, Sociology, Quantity Surveying, Architecture, Engineering, Procurement specialists and Forensic Experts;


“That shortlisted applicants will be subjected to an online assessment test, a computer-based aptitude test, and a written assessment test which will qualify them for an oral interview and other stages of assessment;


“That no applications for the positions of Assistant Directors will be considered as the 2020 budgetary allocation approved for the Commission (after the recruitment advertisement had been placed) does not provide for them;


“That the online assessment test will cover the remaining advertised six job levels, and will be administered over a specific period to assess candidates’ IQ and Logical Reasoning. Emails will be sent to the applicants by DCSL Corporate Services Limited, the recruiting firm, prior to the assessment date informing them of the date and time of the test;


“Those applicants who successfully scale through to the interview will be further subjected to background checks and certificate verification; and


“They will also undergo a polygraph test in addition to a paramilitary training that will last for at least six months to ascertain their physical fitness.”


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